Monday, August 13, 2012

A New Beginning

Well, here I am blogging about my RA so let's get this party started.  I plan to write about how I got to this point but for now let's start with the present and just a little back track to last month. Then move forward with all the little trials and errors that will help me make this journey.  Maybe my experience will help someone else along the way.  Who knows?  This could be a new beginning.

About mid-July I decided to make a more concentrated effort to start juicing to see if it would help with my RA.  Heck, when you are in pain all the time and your joints are on fire you keep looking for ways to feel better.  I was sitting around with ice packs and spritzing water all over me like I was traveling through the dessert.  Anything to feel cool and reduce the swelling and pain. Turning down the A/C wasn't the answer because it's a dry cold and I needed a more wet cold.  Then there's the gloves and the elbow wrap.  I even wrapped each of my fingers hoping to keep them the same shape without a bunch of joint blowouts.  Talk about pain.  I may have gotten the idea from reading about the Chinese women who would bind their feet to make them smaller.  

Can you imagine?  I can barely get out of bed or off the couch without screaming in pain and reaching for my spritzer or the ice pack...well, you get the idea.  Movement was not something I wanted to do at all.  I also didn't want to sit or lay still because that exacerbated the issues.  Sleeping only meant I would be in more pain when I woke up.  Face it, just existing was a real pain...literally.  The strange thing was that although my fingers were in pain and hot as heck, I did manage to play on the internet.  Do you think there are some sort of air waves that make the fingers work while on the internet?  Could be a conspiracy by all those big wigs so they can keep people on it viewing all those unnecessary ads. 

So here I am searching the net again for some new process or cure and I'm just not finding anything.  Not even a promise of something to come.  Although a few months ago I was watching videos about stem cells from your own fat that could fix me.  Heck I got plenty of that and I seriously thought about it.  Fortunately, I have a tendency to procrastinate.  Hey, it can be a good thing sometimes.  Any way, I started coming across articles about people dying.  Oops!  Guess I better look around a little bit more.  After all, I'm looking to live a better life and the off chance I could be seeing the Grim Reaper any time soon wasn't an option.  So back to google for more searching.

Every so often I'd come across a site proclaiming the benefits of juicing, raw foods and how people were improving their ailments.  Yeah, Yeah.  I was already eating a good diet, organic with more veggies than meat.  So what  else is new?  Well, I started paying better attention, googled some more, watched some videos and decided this green juice idea might help a little.  I already knew I wasn't getting enough in my diet and the supplements just weren't helping me feel better.  I had already tried a lot of the pill hype stuff and it wasn't helping.  So maybe I'll feel a little better with juicing.  Heck, a little is better than nothing right?  

I ordered a new masticating juicer and tossed the monster in a box I use for charity.  Over the years, I juiced once in a blue moon and liked it but the old juicer was a real trip and I didn't use it very much because be honest...I was afraid of it!  The minute I flipped on it's switch it roared at me.  It was like someone snuck up on me and yelled "Boo".  I swear it was going to bite me.  Then there was the awful loud noise not to mention the PIA of cleanup.  So you can see, I just didn't want to deal with it but when I made the decision to get serious about juicing for my health it had to go.  Now even though it was the juicer from hell, I was a little sad to part with it.  After all, it was over 20 years old and no matter how it growled at me, I still loved it.  Kinda.

The new juicer is all shiny and new and purrs like a kitten.  I found it so easy to put together that I started to experiment that same day.  I found that after I juice, I can rinse the parts before I toss one back (drink) and it'll be ready to go the next time.  Oh my, I started a ritual.  Juice.  Rinse.  Drink.  Now for the formula.  The search for the elixir of life.

Guess that will have to wait until tomorrow because it's way past my bedtime and since I've been juicing, I stopped fighting sleep and can now get some quality sleep.  Unbelievable but oh so true.  

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