Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nutritionally Starved

I really think I'm a weather vane and have discussed this many times with my husband who feels the same way with his illness.  He has ankylosing spondylitis, a type of arthritis he has had since childhood.  I can tell you several days ahead when it's going to rain or if the weather is about to change or if that tropical storm in the gulf is going to be a hurricane.  Ok, quit laughing.  It's true.  I firmly believe our bodies react to the activity of the earth whether we are healthy or sick.  Did you ever notice how you feel on a sunny day compared to a rainy day?  It's not the same is it?  

The past several days I started having some inflammation flare ups.  Thanks goodness I'm sticking to my green juice and smoothies on a daily basis.  I'm actually pleased because the flare ups are more manageable than they have ever been.  I didn't even need any pain medication and that is unusual for me, especially with Isaac tossing a fit in the gulf.  Not so long ago, when Katrina made her assault, I was so miserable that I could barely move and I couldn't wait til' it was over.  Coincidence?  Me thinks not!

So what is the difference this time?  I'm living proof it's the changes I'm making in my food choices.  What am I doing?  Well, thanks for asking, she said.  In the morning I have my green juice and in the evening I'll have a fruit smoothie.  Love those fruit smoothies.  I think another reason my husband loves those after dinner smoothies is because he likes dessert.  Needless to say he's not complaining and he's noticing some health benefits too.

After I have my green juice in the morning, I'm just not that hungry and it holds me over for quite a while.  Part of that could be because I've never been a breakfast person.  Although over the years, I would try to make a point of eating breakfast because they say it's the most important meal of the day.

Now, I have never been one who could live on liquids.  Heck, my Mother would go on those crazy liquid diets and drag me along with her, even though I didn't need to diet.  Gosh, it was just puberty and my body was changing.  I'm getting hips and boobs...not fat!  Any way, it just simply drove me crazy and it didn't really work very well.  She'd lose a few pounds and gain a few more.  Me?  I was starving even though they said it had all the nutrients I needed.  I never felt more tired and sluggish as I did when she went on a liquid diet.  Now I'm learning why.  That wasn't "real" food.

Over the years our food industry has been changing the quality of what we eat and it hasn't been for the better.  Most of the time we aren't even aware of it.  Well, not mentally aware but our bodies have been trying to tell us.  Have you ever felt hungry after eating?  Well, they tell you to slow down and chew so the message that we are full gets to our brain.  Now, I have mixed theories about that.  It is a good thing to slow down and chew.  After all, the body has to work harder if we don't.  Chewing breaks down what we eat so that it can be digested more easily.  Then our bodies don't have to work overtime to break it down so we can get some nutrition.  So here we are eating slowly and waiting for our brain to tell us we are full.  Here is where I think we've missed the boat.  So many people are waiting for our brain to tell us we are full but that's one of the few times we listen to our bodies and even then some people don't listen.  Do you see where I'm going with this?  We get sick.  Our bodies tell us we are sick but what we don't hear is that we are sick because we aren't healthy.  We aren't healthy because we aren't getting the nutrition our body needs.  When we eat processed food and poor quality food we aren't getting that nutrition.  We are also learning that the food industry has been feeding us chemicals and genetically modified foods in lieu of nutrition to fill us up and we wonder why we keep getting sick.

A good part of my life I've tried to eat organic food but I also ate processed food.  And as the years went by I was eating out more and more so I had less control of the type of food I was getting.  To add to it, how many restaurants prepare organic food, especially back in the day?  I was shoving in the chemicals and all the other franken food and my body kept trying to tell me but I wasn't listening either.

Well, I could go on and on but I think these two videos can give you some really important information.  It's also my bedtime and now that I'm getting better nutrition, I can actually get a good nights rest.  

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